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Sarah Beeny's

Renovate Don't Relocate

More than 50% of Brits are putting up with homes that don’t work.  The first impulse might be to put your place on the market and buy more square footage but in this entertaining format, renovator, businesswoman and TV property expert Sarah Beeny shows that a better solution is to make the space you already have work harder – and smarter. In the second of her ground-breaking series, Sarah visits another twenty properties to experience problem homes for herself before installing cameras to monitor how the owners use them. Armed with this data, she generates life-size digital floor plans that bring her design, layout and décor concepts to life. After following each build and renovation over months of ups and downs Sarah revisits each household’s completed project to see for herself that if you re-think then re-design the space you have, it can be cheaper and better to renovate, not relocate. 

Mondays at 8pm on HGTV.

Freeview - 42, Sky - 158, Virgin - 279

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