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Sue & John,

When Local Government officer, Sue, met work colleague John she didn’t think twice about asking him to move in. But although her Bristol home has served Sue well over the past twenty years, she knew it was time to make a change.  Sarah Beeny arrives to install monitoring cameras and see how the couple are adapting to their new life together.

She hones in on the issues and devises a floor plan that will make room for both of them.  But will Sue be able to let go of her old habits and embrace a new way of living?  

Build & Reveal

Builder - Terry Upton TBC company - terenceupton@gmail.com

Wallpaper in Bathroom & Dinning Room - Mini Modern - www.minimoderns.com

Dining Chairs and Garden Biistro Set - Home Essentials  - www.homeessentials.co.uk

Framed Prints - Desenio - www.desenio.co.uk

Images on Interactive Display

Botanical Wall Mosaics - Trend – www.trend-group.com

Green Decor - Little Greene - www.littlegreene.com

Green Decor - Annie Sloan  - www.anniesloan.com

Mid-Century Wallpaper - Mini Moderns  - www.minimoderns.com

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