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TX33 - RX10 - Rhianne and Ollie - BUILD - 02.JPG

Rhianne & Ollie

Civil servant Rhianne and design engineer Ollie, moved into their 4-bed show home when they got engaged.  It was a home they were hoping to put their own stamp on and grow into, eventually starting a family. However, they already feel they don’t have enough room and most of the upstairs is overflowing with Rhianne’s handbags and shoes. Enter Sarah Beeny. First her monitoring cameras identify the problem areas, then she devises an ingenious plan neither Rhianne nor Ollie could have envisaged.  While Ollie and his family get stuck into the build, Rhianne struggles to get the colour right

Build & Reveal

Pull Down Bed - Hideaway Beds -

Wardrobes - Fortune Carpentry & Joinery Limited -

Wardrobe painter - EC Kitchen Resprays -

Garden Office - SMART Garden Offices -

Desk Chairs & Desk - Herman Miller –

Pleached Trees - Paramount Plants -

Wallpaper - World of Wallpaper -

Garden Furniture - Home Essentials -

Turf - George Davies Turf -

Ollie's Desk - Life Timber -

Design Workshop

Gold Leaf - Annie Sloan -

Wallpaper - Graham & Brown -


Images on Interactive Display

Gold Ceiling - Mad About the House -

Gold Leaf - Annie Sloan -

Pink Wardrobe - Neville Johnson -

Pleached trees - Crown Topiary -

TX33 - RX10 - Rhianne and Ollie - REVEAL - BEDROOM - 01.JPG
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