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Judith & Sam,



In Middlesex, Judith and Sam have two small sons with a third just weeks away. The boys toys have completely taken over the ground floor, and the couple are overwhelmed with how to sort out the boys bedrooms. Cue Sarah Beeny who installs 24 hour monitoring cameras and generates child-friendly design solutions. Can she restore calm and create some order? 

Build & Reveal

Picture Frames: Articulate Gallery

Bean Bags: Great Bean Bags

Cloud Wall Mural: Rebel Walls

Decorator (wallpaper): Ylli Ceraj


Studio & Design Workshop

Bean Bag: Bean Bag Bazaar

Butterfly Wallpaper: Cole and Son

Wall Stickers: Decowall

Magnetic Wallpaper: Mag Scapes

Kids Flexi Building Block Mat: The Wacky Warehouse


Images on Interactive Display


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