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Paul and Claire, 

Paul bought his three-bed terrace in the London Suburb of Hanworth 15 years ago. Since then it’s seen many changes:  from a marital home to the birth of his son and more recently, it’s become a bachelor pad.  But now Paul has remarried and his new wife Claire has moved in, and what worked for one doesn’t necessarily work for two. Enter Sarah Beeny who installs her monitoring cameras to see where the problems lie.  The giant plasma screen and rugby pictures are just the tip of the iceberg. So, how do you turn his house into their home? 

Build & Reveal

Builder - Labot - www.labot.co.uk

Builder - BC Building Solutions Limited - www.building.solutions.co.uk

Plumbers - Holland Park Plumbers - www.hollandparkplumbers.co.uk

LVT Flooring - Phil Irwin Carpets & Flooring - www.philirwincarpets.com

LVT Flooring - Karndean Design Flooring - www.karndean.com

Kitchen - Sheraton Interiors - www.sheratoninteriors.co.uk

Boiler - Glow Worm - www.glow-worm.co.uk

Table & Chairs and Floor Lamps - Home Essentials - www.homeessentials.co.uk

Armchair - Julian Joseph - www.julian-joseph.com

Sideboard - Atkin and Thyme - www.atkinandthyme.co.uk

Bar Stools - Peppermill Interiors - www.peppermillinteriors.com

Structural Engineer - Better Living Space Ltd - www.betterlivingspace.com

Decorator - Rags 2 Riches - Rags2riches275@yahoo.com

Framed Prints - Desenio - www.desenio.co.uk

Images on Interactive Display

Purple Interiors - Annie Sloan - www.anniesloan.com 

Purple Interiors - Graham & Brown - www.grahambrown.com

Purple Interiors - Malcolm Menzies - www.82mm.com

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