Emma & James,



Emma and husband James bought a 1966 chalet bungalow where they could bring up their two boys in an eco-friendly way. The house is big but the downstairs layout means the dining table is at the bottom of the stairs, the conservatory is unused and the kitchen cut off from the rest of the house. Cue Sarah who installs monitoring cameras and creates layout and design solutions to enhance their lifestyle and bring them closer together. Will they be brave enough to follow all of her ideas through?

Build & Reveal

Slate Veneer: Lite Stone www.lite-stone.co.uk

Slide and Swing Glass Doors: New Wave Store www.newwavestore.co.uk

Piping for Herb Wall: Shepherds plastics www.shepherdsuk.co.uk

Kitchen Worktop: Worktop Express www.worktop-express.co.uk


Studio & Design Workshop

Table & Chairs: Oak Furniture Land www.oakfurnitureland.co.uk

Recycled Worktop Surface: Trend Transformations www.trend-transformations.co.uk


Images on Interactive Display

Scaramanga www.scaramangashop.co.uk

Sustainable Kitchens www.sustainablekitchens.co.uk