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TX24 - RX6 - Karen & Simon - BUILD - 02.

Karen and Simon, 

From the outside, Karen and Simon’s Hampshire cottage is picture-perfect. But it’s been through so many renovations there are now ten, interlocking ground floor rooms, some dark and unwelcoming, others inaccessible or barely used. To reach the garden, visitors have to walk through the master bedroom. They’re convinced they should knock their magical home down and start again regardless of cost. Hold your horses! Sarah Beeny rises to the challenge, installs monitoring cameras, and urges a root and branch redesign of their layout that leaves them divided. So, will Karen and Simon seize the moment?  

Build & Reveal

Builder - B J Plumbing Ltd. -

Wallpaper - Mind the Gap -

Ensuite Bathroom - Victorian Plumbing -

Velvet Stools & Dining Chairs - Peppermill Interiors -

Worktops - MKW Surfaces -

Worktops - Compac The Surfaces Company -

Windows and Doors - Harbourside Windows & Conservatories Ltd -

Neon Sign - Sparkled UK -

Premium Metal Framed Doors - Doors 4 UK -

Yellow Velvet Bed - Home Essentials -

Images on Interactive Display

Stone walls - ZClad -

Stone walls - Higgins -

Jewel-toned interiors - Graham & Brown -

TX24 - RX6 - Karen & Simon - REVEAL - KI
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