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TX23 - RX12 - Dylan & Eloisa - CONTRIBS

Dylan and Eloisa, 

Welshman Dylan and Tenerife-born Eloisa, met in 2012, married in 2017 and bought their Cardiff townhouse in 2020. They were bowled over by the amount of space but were soon thrown off-kilter by the layout. They have a downstairs shower they never use; a garage converted into a chilly, echoing dining room and a kitchen design so unwelcoming that they take all their meals upstairs on trays to the first floor living room. Enter Sarah Beeny who installs her monitoring cameras, identifies the house’s fatal flaws and suggests a bespoke design for life that wins them over.  

Build & Reveal

Builder - Oakwater Interiors & Oakwater Luxury Lifestyle Images Limited -
Kitchen - Sigma 3 -
Architect - Richard Andrews Architects -
Wood Mosaic Artwork - Art Pintera -
Acoustic Panelling - NatureWall -
Landscaper - Chaphill Outdoor Refurb -
Boiler - HeatGlow -
Patio Timber & Tiles - DG Heath Timber Products Ltd -
Wallpaper - BB Wallpaper -
Pizza Oven - Pizza Forno -
Bistro set - Home essentials -

Images on Interactive Display

Acoustic Panels - NatureWall -
Acoustic Panels - Soundtect -

TX23 - RX12 - Dylan & Eloisa - REVEAL DI
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