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36-year-old Brand manager Nisha hasn’t touched her one-bed apartment since moving in. It still has the same colour walls and lampshades that originally came with this Hounslow new build. But, four years later, having transformed her body, Nisha now wants to transform her home and make this generic flat her own. Enter Sarah Beeny with her monitoring cameras, showing us that even  in the most compact homes there is wasted space.  By observing Nisha’s lifestyle Sarah devises a plan that will hopefully not only make Nisha finally feel at home but with clever storage – more organised too.  

Build & Reveal

Builder - BC Building Solutions Limited - www.building.solutions.co.uk

Mandala Artist  - Reuel – www.reuel.uk

Hot Water Tap - Quooker - www.quooker.co.uk

Worktops - MKW Surfaces - www.mkwsurfaces.co.uk

Worktops - Compac The Surfaces Company - en.compac.es

Kitchen Appliances - Appliances Direct - www.appliancesdirect.co.uk

Kitchen  - Optiplan - www.optiplankitchens.co.uk

Lighting - Dunelm - www.dunelm.com

Mirror TV - Picture Frame. TV - www.pictureframe.tv

TV Stand and Shelving in Living Room - Wayfair - www.wayfair.co.uk

Table & Chairs and Curtains in Lounge - Home Essentials - www.homeessentials.co.uk


Design Workshop

Sheet Materials - Trend - www.trend-group.com

Images on Interactive Display

Shallow Cabinets - Songmics - www.songmics.co.uk

Shoe Drawers - Nordikka Interiors - www.nordikka.com

Full Panel Bathrooms - Granite and TREND Transformations – www.granitetransformations.co.uk

Full Panel Bathrooms - Victoria Plum – www.victoriaplum.com

Mandala Artwork - Dizzy Duck Designs – www.dizzyduckdesigns.com

Mandala Artwork - 3D Wallpaper Murals – www.3dwallpapermurals.co.uk

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