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Upper Norwood

Smart-meter specialist Michael, known to everyone as Miki, bought his four-bedroom bungalow more than twenty years ago in Upper Norwood in South London. He built an extension meant for big, extended family gatherings with an eye to occasionally renting it out. But having begun to install the utilities he started to ask himself if his design was making the maximum use of the space and he felt he needed help with the final decor. Enter Sarah Beeny who installs her monitoring cameras and puts forward a revised layout with a stunning new design.

Build & Reveal


Electrician – 4D Electrical Services – Lee Ford

Building Materials - GNK Builders Merchants -

Harpur Centre Florist –

Gas and Plumbing – Kobgas –

Outdoor Living UK –

Plumbing – Peckham Plumbing and Heating Services –

Antique Shop – Reginald Ballum –

Reclaimed wood - Solo Wood Recycling –

Thompson Tiling –

Skip - Toulouse Skips -

Cladding -The Wood Veneer Hub -

Wallpaper - World of Wallpaper -

Studio & Design Workshop


Palm wallpaper – World of Wall Paper -

Images on Interactive Display

Full Mural Walls – Rebel Walls –

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