Sophia & Rob,



Sophia and Rob bought a maisonette in South East London to share with the grown-up children of their first relationships. They renovated the main spaces but ran out of ideas for the top floor. They want to turn it into a private, romantic retreat but trying to create an en suite and designing around a lack of headroom flummoxed them. Cue Sarah who installs monitoring cameras, creates life-size floor plans and generates a new layout and boutique hotel design for the entire attic.

Build & Reveal

2 Build or Not to Build www.2buildornottobuild.co.uk

Glass: Direct Glass www.directglass.london

Pocket Door: Eclisse UK www.eclisse.co.uk

Tiles in shower tray and Mermaid Tiles (studio): Fired Earth www.firedearth.com

Art in bedroom: Hannah Collins Art www.hannahcollinsart.co.uk

Bathroom Floor Tiles: Marrakech Tiles www.marrakechdesign.se/en


Studio and Design Workshop

Chaise Longue: Ikea www.ikea.com/gb/en

Stairway Runner Samples and image on interactive display: Roger Oates www.rogeroates.com

Image Infrared Heating Panel: Surya Heating www.suryaheating.co.uk