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Lara and Andy, 



Lara and Andy returned from travelling round the world and settled in Bristol where daughters Florence and Sofia soon joined the family. They bought a 1950's bungalow in need of work but the house they thought had endless possibilities had endless problems. The kitchen is dated, the lean-to is both pantry and utility room but worst of all, the family bathroom which can only vent inside the house. Sarah Beeny inspects the property, installs monitoring cameras and suggests a daring new layout and design

Build & Reveal


Digger – Alide Hire Services -  www.alidehire.co.uk

Estate Agent – Moorfields Estate – www.moorfieldshanham.co.uk

Plants – Blaise Nursey – www.bristol.gov.uk/web/blaise-plant-nursey

Studio & Design Workshop

Stools – My Furniture – www.my-furniture.com

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Tin Tiles – Rocket St George - www.rockettstgeorge.co.uk

Cork walls – Suber Creations - www.subercreations.co.uk

Pantry larder - Blum - www.blum.com

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