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St. Neaots

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Tasha relocated to Saint Neots in Cambridgeshire and invested in a two-bedroom flat. Regularly sent away with work at short notice, she's still surrounded by piles of stuff and unpacked boxes and feels like her life - and her home - are in limbo. Cue Sarah who installs 24-hour monitoring cameras that reveal Tasha is using just 10% of her available space. Using this data to generate a life size floor plan, Sarah creates new layouts and designs for her lounge and kitchen. Can Tasha rise to the challenge?

Build & Reveal

Joinery: Woodstock Joinery

Lamps, Living Room: Iconic Lights

Copper Floor Lamp & Studio Floor Lamp: Robert Dyas

Tub Chair: Tub Chairs Sloane & Sons &

Blue Rug & Taniko Rose Rug (studio): Swoon Editions


Studio & Design Workshop

Copper Paint: AkzoNobel

Sofa: The Dormy House

Maestro Chevron Black/White Rug: Carpetright

Copper & Bronze Panel Examples: KME


Images on Interactive Display

Barbara Genda



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